Best Things to Do in Hoboken, New Jersey

Best Things to Do in Hoboken, New Jersey

Hoboken, New Jersey, offers stunning views of Manhattan, as well as unique attractions, museums, and restaurants. See contemporary art at the Barsky Gallery, learn how to make awesome cakes at Carlo’s Bakery, go for a food tour, or take a kayaking class. Located on the Hudson River in New Jersey’s Hudson County, Hoboken is a small city opposite Lower Manhattan. The Best Things to Do in Hoboken, New Jersey with kids include the Hoboken History Museum and the Hoboken Farmers Market.

Walk Across The Town

Walk Across The Town

Walking is one of the best ways to explore any city. You can see and experience all the nooks and crannies of a city yourself while exploring it on foot.

Small towns are especially very great for exploring on foot as you can traverse the entire city. Hoboken is a tiny town with a total area of only 2 square miles and only 1.25 miles of land, which makes it a perfect city to explore on foot. You can see the magnificent architecture along your way to the unique shops, lovely cafes, elegant restaurants, and more. You can also witness the extraordinary views of Manhattan across the stunning Hudson River.

Do not forget to walk across the town on the old-world cobblestones and explore when you visit Hoboken.

Blue Eyes Restaurant

You cannot see the Manhattan skyline from Manhattan – you have to go to Hoboken, and Blue Eyes Italian Restaurant and Café offers front row seats. Located on the Hoboken Hudson River waterfront on Sinatra Drive, this charming, modern, and tastefully decorated eatery celebrates Hoboken’s most famous native son Frank Sinatra, as well as a traditional Italian food that never goes out of fashion.

The wood-fired oven produces not only delicious pizzas but also baked kinds of pasta, fish, and chicken. If you are looking for romantic date ideas, this is a great place to visit. Leave room for dessert; you cannot eat in a true Italian restaurant without sampling their canoli. Blue Eyes also has great dessert coffees.

Monroe Center for the Arts

Monroe Center for the Arts

With art lovers, one of the best things to do in Hoboken is the Monroe Center. This community center is well known for its galleries and exhibitions. Located at 720 Monroe street, visiting the Monroe Center for the Arts is one of the best things to do when visiting Hoboken. The center features pieces on retail for those of you who want to patronize the artist.

All in all, this interactive center is the place to be if you wish to delve into the outpouring culture and aesthetic of Hoboken. You can also visit various museums in Hoboken for some historical insight into the city. Hoboken historical museum is must visit, the museum is centered on showcasing tremendous artworks that reflect and convey the charming history and the diverse and innovative culture of the city.

See Sunset Or Sunrise From Castle Point Lookout

Hoboken, being such a small city, does not fail to impress the visitors with its remarkable beauty and stunning landmarks.

This tiny 1-mile city even has a university, Steven’s Institute of Technology. The university is located at the highest point of the town and offers some of the most bewitching views of the city and the Manhattan situated across the Hudson River. The Castle Point Lookout is located in the Steven’s Institute of Technology, and it sits at the height of 100 feet. This Place is always one of the best things to do in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The vantage point’s central point of focus is a Revolutionary war era cannon. It is a perfect place to witness the sunset or sunrise from the stunning skyline of New York.

Hoboken Farmers’ Market

Hoboken Farmers' Market

Every Thursday from June to October and from 2 to 7 pm, farmers from all over the Garden State come to the corner of 13th Street & Hudson in Hoboken to offer their freshest and most delicious products. Tomatoes could not be any more delicious than when they still smell of the vine, and the corn is at its best when the husk is still green and fresh.

Come and meet bread bakers, pickle makers, tomato growers, farmers and fruit growers, mozzarella makers, and other food growers and artisans who work hard so that Hoboken residents can eat healthy and fresh. Taste their goodies on the spot and get supplies for the next week’s meals until you can come again.


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