Best Things to Do in Boone, NC that you should try

Best Things to Do in Boone

The picturesque town of Boone, nestled in the North Carolina Mountains, has a busy yet casual air to it. It’s in the northwest corner of the state, surrounded by some absolutely spectacular landscape and a plethora of outdoor activities. While the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway and its stunning mountains scream to be explored, the beautiful town of Asheville boasts a number of tourist attractions of its own. Visiting a brewery or shop is one of the many things to do in Boone, while Downtown Boone is studded with gorgeous buildings and the Appalachian State University gives the streets a youthful vibe. The majority of visitors, on the other hand, utilize the mountain town as a base to go hiking, mountain biking, or skiing in the beautiful environs. Here are the Best Things to Do in Boone, NC that you should try.

Rocky Knob Park

Rocky Knob Parkf

Best Things to Do in Boone- Rocky Knob Park, located just east of Boone, offers a variety of fantastic hiking trails and mountain biking tracks for tourists to enjoy. It is very mountainous, having an abundance of beautiful scenery and spectacular vistas from its higher levels. The tranquil and attractive park is quite popular with locals, who come to appreciate its lovely woodlands and wilderness because it is located just a short distance from downtown. It was founded in 2009 and is noted for its epic routes and descents, earning it the title of “Ultimate Ride Hotspot” for mountain bikers by Velo magazine. Aside from the park’s nearly 12 kilometers of paths, visitors can enjoy numerous picnic sites and playgrounds set among the beautiful woodland and undulating terrain.

Greenway Trail

The lovely Greenway Trail, which runs alongside the south fork of the New River, is located just southeast of town. The fantastic pathway is perfect for everyone – from hikers and cyclists to wheelchair users and families – and offers a variety of picturesque stops along the way.

Despite its proximity to Boone, the town feels a world away as you stroll along the stream’s banks, passing through flower-filled meadows and lush forests. The trail also passes by some historically significant sites, such as a damaged ancient dam. A few educational plaques on the area’s history and natural history can be found here and there. There are benches and picnic places along the path allowing tourists to relax and take in the beautiful scenery.

Appalachian Ski Mountain

Appalachian Ski Mountain

Best Things to Do in Boone. The amazing Appalachian Ski Mountain is nestled within the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains, with snow-covered slopes and terrain parks for locals and tourists to enjoy. It has a slopeside restaurant and resort, as well as a ski school and shop, and is only a 15-minute drive south of town.

The resort, which first opened in 1962, has gradually grown in size over the years, with 11 great ski slopes currently available to guests. Its outstanding pistes and three terrain parks may be accessible via several chairlift systems, which reach a height of 1,219 meters at their highest point. Appalachian Ski Mountain ensures a terrific experience for skiers and snowboarders by having snow-making machines on all of its slopes. The resort is normally open from mid-November to mid-March, and it also offers thrilling night skiing.

Blowing Rock

Blowing Rock, a picture-perfect village nestled in a prominent portion of the North Carolina Mountains, has long been a favorite tourist attraction. It’s a delightful and quiet town just a short drive from Boone, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery and landscapes of the Blue Ridge Parkway.

The tiny town is called after a lovely and peculiar rock formation that stands nearby, and it is full of fine restaurants, attractive boutiques, and handmade shops. Visitors may enjoy fantastic panoramas over the surrounding area, which is home to several lovely waterfalls that may be hiked to, from the peculiar outcrop and its observation platform. Despite its tiny size, Blowing Rock’s cozy taverns and art center host a variety of live music and theater productions. During the summer months, when the town hosts several cultural events and festivals, the town may get extremely crowded as visitors flock to see the town’s many distinct sides.

Daniel Boone Native Gardens

Daniel Boone Native Gardens

Best Things to Do in Boone- The exquisite Daniel Boone Native Gardens, just outside of downtown Boone, are home to over 200 types of plants native to North Carolina. It’s a delight to walk around, with towering trees and magnificent flowerbeds in every direction.

The magnificent gardens, named after the famed frontiersman Daniel Boone, were established in 1961 to allow local clubs, schools, and botanists to study native plants, trees, and wildflowers. The meticulously designed gardens have grown in size and breadth since those early days, with a rockery, rustic bridge, and reflecting pool growing up among many other appealing elements. The Daniel Boone Native Gardens are open from May to October and are well worth spending an hour or two of explorings.

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